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The future of trailer braking has arrived.

Meet the industry's most advanced electric trailer brake controller...

Smart trailer braking with a sleek design.

In dash appearance
Clean, in-dash appearance

This allows the interior of your car or truck to stay neat and clean, with the rotary-style knob conveniently displayed in the dashboard.

Wirelessly with EDGE™ app

Control with a smartphone or tablet using Tekonsha EDGE technology. Use the EDGE app to program and adjust power output, boost, braking type, and more from the palm of your hand.

Mobile app enabled
Fingertip control of knob
Easy-to-read LED display

Manually apply the trailer's brakes or control trailer brake controller settings directly from the spring-loaded knob.

No bulkiness here.

Traditional brake controllers are often described as "bulky" and commonly known as "knee-knockers" depending on placement in a vehicle.

The Prodigy iD integrated brake controller (part number 90920) provides a refreshing in-dash mounted original equipment style look. No more bumping your knees!

A premiere in-dash and smartphone-configured trailer brake controller option for trailers with 2, 4, 6, and 8 brakes (1-4 axles).

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Gets even better with EDGE™ app.

The Prodigy iD trailer brake controller can easily be set-up and controlled with an Apple or Android smartphone or tablet using Tekonsha EDGE™.

To get started, follow these simple steps:

Download the Tekonsha EDGE™ mobile app.

Connect to brake control
Download on App StoreGet it on Google Play
Create account

Create an account.

Connect to brake control

Get in range of your Prodigy iD brake controller.

Follow Mobile app

Follow directions on app screen to complete set-up.

Tekonsha Edge mobile app

Enjoy complete towing control in your hands.

Set brake control speed and boost

Easily set power and boost

Control and monitor your brake controllers settings including power output and boost right from your mobile device.

Control multiple trailers

Store multiple trailers and drivers

Quickly and easily program, save, and access brake settings for multiple trailers and driver preferences.
Switch between braking

Switch between proportional and timed braking

Depending on your towing situation you may want a different type of braking experience. The Prodigy iD allows for both proportional or timed braking with a simple tap or turn of the dial.

Get real-time alerts

Real-time diagnostics and alerts

If there is ever a fault in your trailer braking system a real-time alert notification will be sent to your mobile device along with troubleshooting options to help fix the issue.

WARNING: Avoid distracted driving. Perform adjustments in a safe environment with minimal vehicle traffic. Do not use EDGE™ app while driving.

Explore the Prodigy iD further.

Prodigy iD explanation of all parts

Watch Prodigy iD videos.

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How to Use Manual Knob

Watch how to use the Prodigy iD manual adjustment knob.

How it compares: Prodigy family of brake controllers

Whatever your choice, Tekonsha brake controllers offer smooth, predictable stopping at all speeds. These dependable products are tested to meet – and often exceed – the highest industry standards, so you can brake with confidence.

PART NO. 90195
P3® Trailer Brake Controller

Long popular brake controller, featuring a dash-hugging design with a snap-in mounting clip.

  • Easy-to-read LCD display with multiple screen color options
  • Upfront controls provide easy access
  • Five storable setting options for pulling different trailers or preferences of multiple drivers
  • For up to 4 braking axles
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In-Dash & Mobile App
Prodigy iD Brake Control
PART NO. 90920
Prodigy iD Trailer Brake Controller

Seamlessly integrates into your vehicle for a clean in-dash appearance.

  • Color LED display provides easy-to-read diagnostics and alerts
  • Mobile app-enabled electronic brake controller with Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Tekonsha EDGE™ mobile app puts complete control in your hands
  • For up to 4 braking axles
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Wireless & Moves Between Vehicles
PART NO. 902502
Prodigy RF Trailer Brake Controller

If you take to the road with multiple vehicles, just secure a wireless brake control unit onto your trailer and go.

  • Electronic brake controller powered by Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Trailer mount utilizes standard sealed  7-Way connector
  • Hand-held unit plugs into standard 12-volt power accessory adapter
  • For up to 3 braking axles
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Common questions before installing or operating the Prodigy iD and EDGE™ app.

What is the Prodigy iD In-Dash Trailer Brake Controller?

The Prodigy iD is a first-of-its-kind brake controller that seamlessly integrates a color LED display into your vehicle’s dash while also providing easy-to-read diagnostics and alerts. Once installed, enjoy fingertip control using the rotary knob to easily adjust settings. Put complete control in your hands by downloading the Tekonsha EDGE™ mobile app, allowing you to easily set power and boost, store multiple trailer and driver settings, and much more.

How do you install the Prodigy iD?

The Prodigy iD Dash Module and Display must be securely mounted to the vehicle. A drill template is included. Please review the Installation and Operating Manual Guide (PDF). If you need additional assistance or do not have the tools required for the installation, stop the installation and contact a professional installer.

How does the Prodigy iD connect to the EDGE™ mobile app?

The EDGE™ app has secured Bluetooth wireless technology communication between the App and the Prodigy iD. Once your Prodigy iD is installed: 

  1. Download the Tekonsha EDGE™ app
  2. Create an account
  3. Get in range of the Prodigy iD brake controller
  4. Follow directions on app screen
Is the wiring harness included?

The Prodigy iD Dash Module connects to the Power Module with the included harness. Consider the location of both modules relative to each other and verify harness routing before drilling any holes.

  • OPTION 1: Universal Wire Harness Installation
  • OPTION 2: Plug & Play Wire Harness (Sold Separately) - If your vehicle comes equipped with a factory tow package, brake control function wires with a connector may exist under the vehicle dash. Consult the vehicle manual or call for the location of the harness. A vehicle specific Plug & Play harness may be purchased separately. For easy installation simply plug the vehicle specific connector into the factory tow package harness and plug the other end directly into the Plug & Play Harness on the brake control.
Is the Tekonsha EDGE™ app required?

The Tekonsha EDGE app is not required for use, but adds additional features.

Where can I download the EDGE™ app?

The Tekonsha EDGE mobile app is now available to enhance your towing experience, providing you with all the latest brake controller technology right at your fingertips. The App is available to download:

How can I get support for the EDGE™ app?

For Technical Assistance: call us at 1-800-632-3290, email us at or visit

How do I use the EDGE™ app and connect the Prodigy iD?

Download the EDGE App from your favorite App Store. Once downloaded:

  1. Open the EDGE App and ensure your Prodigy iD is showing up on "Products within Range"
  2. Tap the desired Product (Prodigy iD)
  3. Tap "Connect to this Product"
What is a brake controller?

An electric brake controller provides power form a towing vehicle to the electric brakes on a trailer. If a trailer has electric brakes, a brake controller is needed.

What is a brake controller wiring harness?

All vehicle specific brake controller wiring harnesses are available in 1-Plug or 2-Plug styles. 1-Plug units are designed for brake controllers manufactured with electrical wiring mounted on the back of the unit, otherwise known as a pigtail. Wiring harnesses must be spliced into the existing pigtail to allow the vehicle specific plug to be installed. 2-Plug units are designed for brake controllers that have a wiring port built into the back of the unit. Simply plug the brake controllers end of the wiring harness into the back of the brake controller and the vehicle end into the vehicle’s port. Brake controllers that utilize the 2-Plug style of wiring harness will be identified with the Plug & Play logo. See application guide for vehicle specific harnesses.

What is the difference between proportional and timed braking controllers?

Proportional controllers determine the tow vehicle's rate of deceleration and apply the trailer brakes to match. They provide a smooth braking response in any stopping situation, with no need for adjustments. Time activated controllers apply braking power at a fixed rate of time that is not proportional to the pressure applied to the brake pedal. They provide voltage output that increases to the gain setting over a period of time.

Do I need readjust my power settings my trailer load or weight changes?

Whenever the load or weight changes on the trailer the power settings should be readjusted. Please refer to your brake controller's instructions for proper adjustment.

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When in-dash beauty matters.

Get a sleek, clean look with no bulkiness.
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